Library Advocacy Interest Group

To advance the MLA Strategic Plan Goals of providing professional development and training to empower members to address pivotal challenges and opportunities, and to foster highly effective advocacy for the Maryland library community now and in the future, MLA created the MLA Library Advocacy Interest Group (LAIG) to enhance and expand training for mid-career MLA members, in both state and federal library advocacy, in a learning environment.  


MLA LAIG is focused on observing, assisting, learning, and facilitating training about library advocacy at the state and federal level.  Members of LAIG will develop their library advocacy knowledge, awareness, and skills to prepare for responsibilities as library advocates and potential future library advocacy leaders.  Through active involvement with LAIG, members will also gain experience building an inclusive and open culture committed to sharing advocacy knowledge and skills within our profession and membership.  LAIG will thus support MLA’s advocacy today and help sustain its success for the future.