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Maryland's electronic discussion list for librarians

MARYLIB is an electronic discussion group intended to provide Maryland area librarians with a fast, convenient way to interact on problems and opportunities of local interest. Keep up with ALA/MLA events. Share job openings with colleagues. Offer weeded items from your collection to others. Ask a question. Hear about new issues of The CRAB first!

This list is open to all who are employed by a library such as librarians, library associates, paraprofessionals, circulation and support staff. It is also open to library school students, library volunteers and trustees.

Subjects for this list should be related to Librarianship in general and to the Maryland area in particular. Requests for assistance, offers of material, and legitimate library job postings are all fair game. This is a professional forum. Persistently sending off-topic posts and violations of common courtesy may result in removal from the list.

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Contact: Brian Oberle (Anne Arundel County Public Libraries),; Audrey Schadt (Salisbury University),; or Tim Van Fleet (Anne Arundel County Public Library), .