Emerging Adult Interest Group

Welcome to EAIG! The Emerging Adult Interest Group!

Emerging Adults, individuals between the ages of 18 to 25, are drawing interest from library systems across the state of Maryland given the unique challenges this particular age group faces. As EAs are ushered into adulthood they suddenly must learn how to obtain employment, navigate higher education or other post high school training, become more independent, and discover mentors and a support system to help them reach their goals.

Most current library structures see teens aging out of young adult services by 18 or 19 with no scaffolding in place to make the transition to adult programming more supportive and welcoming.

EMERGE, focused library programming and services for EAs, can potentially create connections that will foster a greater sense of belonging and promote citizenship, well-being, and service to communities and neighborhoods. EMERGE will contribute to healthier communities by equipping EAs with better decision-making skills and stress management practices.

The Emerging Adults Interest Group will support EAs in Maryland libraries by:

  • Sharing and developing resources for supporting Emerging Adults in communities across the state
  • Planning book recommendations and displays for Emerging Adults in libraries
  • Creating dynamic and unique programming for Emerging Adults
  • Marketing events for Emerging Adults in libraries across the state
  • Encouraging specific spaces for Emerging Adults in libraries
  • Advocating for Emerging Adult issues at the state level
  • Collaborating with other MLA groups and organizations
  • Initiating effective partnerships with nonprofit organizations, community colleges, authors and writers, private sector businesses, locally elected officials, state government, and other institutions that facilitate individual and community well-being.

The Emerging Adults Interest Group is open to any person who is interested in this topic.


  • Hold online discussions once a month, link is posted on MLA Connect each month.
  • Plan at least one MLA Conference program each year.
  • Seek out collaborations with other MLA units where missions and interests align.
  • Actively encourage participation by all MLA members and non-members across library types and positions.

If interested please contact Stephanie Wiant, Chair of EAIG.

Last updated 07 May 2024