Nettie B. Taylor Scholarship Fund


The Nettie B. Taylor Scholarship Fund was established to honor the memory of Nettie Barcroft Taylor, retired Maryland State Librarian.  Nettie is credited with forging the effective Maryland State Library Network that we enjoy today and was highly respected by her colleagues across the profession.  Nettie passed away on October 21, 2016 at the age of 102.  Read more about Nettie’s amazing life and her contributions in this obituary from The Baltimore Sun.

In November 2016 the Executive Board of Maryland Library Association (MLA) approved renaming the Maryland Library Leadership Institute (MLLI) the Nettie B. Taylor Maryland Library Leadership Institute in recognition of Nettie’s lifetime commitment to the success of Maryland libraries and her decades of dedicated leadership.


The purpose of the Nettie B. Taylor Scholarship Fund is to provide financial support for individuals who meet all MLLI application criteria, who are selected for participation, but whose employer is unable to provide full financial support.

Scholarships are available in increments of $250 and may be requested up to $1250 (the full cost of registration). The balance of MLLI registration fees not covered through the scholarship is the responsibility of the applicant and/or their employer.


To apply for a Nettie B. Taylor Scholarship, complete the MLLI application and submit these two additional forms along with your application package by Wednesday, February 15, 2017 (Postmarked by).

  1. Statement of Need for Scholarship Funding – Nominee’s Form: Using this form, provide a statement describing the need for financial support (no more than 250 words). The nominee may wish to also describe their level of involvement in MLA and previous MLA Educational Grant Award history. The organization’s operating budget may be included if it helps to demonstrate the need. Use this form to note the amount requested (up to $1250).  Also use this form to provide the names of staff members from the organization who are MLLI graduates. Note “none” if no past or present employees from the applicant’s organization have graduated from MLLI.
  2. Statement of Need for Scholarship Funding - Library Director or District Library Media Administrator’s Form: The Library Director or District Library Media Administrator uses this form to provide a statement addressing the need for scholarship funding.

The review committee will base its decisions on the financial need of the applicant and their organization, equity of distribution among staff of the various types of libraries (i.e., academic, public, school, and special), equity among different types of members (support staff, paraprofessionals, professionals, etc.), and equity among members from different geographical regions.


Scholarships covering MLLI registration costs may also be available from other organizations, which in the past have included the Maryland Association of School Librarians (MASL), Maryland Independent College and University Association (MICUA), and the Congress of Academic Library Directors (CALD). Individuals may apply for scholarships through these organizations while applying for a Nettie B. Taylor Scholarship.  If an applicant receives confirmation from another organization that they are receiving funding from that organization, they must then immediately contact the MLA Executive Director to communicate the amount being provided.  Total funds from all sources received in support of MLLI registration may not exceed $1250.


This scholarship fund is supported by generous donations made by MLA members, MLLI graduates, and other Maryland library supporters.  Donations to support the fund may be mailed to:

Maryland Library Association
1401 Hollins St.
Baltimore, MD 21223

Checks should be made out to "MLA" with a note that the contribution is in support of the "Nettie B. Taylor Fund." Donations may also be made by credit card.

Donations may be dedicated in honor, or in memory, of individuals. Donations are generally accepted from individuals, corporations, foundations, government agencies, or other entities, without limitations unless acceptance of gifts from a specific source is inconsistent with MLA's mission.