What are the selection criteria for candidates?

Candidate applications are evaluated on a point system. Points are given for: Originality/creativity, Initiative, Problem solving, Interpersonal skills, Commitment, Leadership, Resume quality. Points may be deducted for poor writing or for failure to submit the application in the specified format.

Are alternates selected to fill spots that may open at the last minute?

Yes. While there have been very few instances where selected candidates have been unable to participate, alternates are selected and notified.

Are endorsements from Directors required? How much weight do they carry?

Each application requires three recommendations and one must come from the library director, administrator or immediate supervisor. The content of these recommendations is evaluated for the criteria listed above.

What is the notification process for candidates who are selected / not selected?

All applicants will be notified by mail. Applicants who are not selected may contact the MLA office for further feedback.

Why is there such a rigorous application process?

The Institute comes at a considerable cost in money, time, and effort, therefore, it is important to select the best candidates possible. The application process has been designed and revised over the years to identify participants who show strong leadership potential and who will derive the greatest benefit from the Institute. The effort required on the part of the applicant is necessary to help the selection committee identify candidates who are truly interested in attending and are willing to illustrate that by putting forth the effort to complete the application.

Is being a member of MLA a requirement?


Is having a Masters of Library Science degree a requirement


After being selected, what’s next?

Candidates who are selected receive initial notification by mail with instructions on how to confirm their attendance and how to arrange for payment of the registration fee. Candidates are subsequently contacted by the on-site coordinator with more detailed information about how to prepare for the Institute, what to pack, etc., and to make arrangements for physical, dietary or any other accommodations that the participant might require.