For Participating Institutions

How is the Institute funded?

Funding for the Institute comes from a variety of sources including the Maryland Department of Education Division of Library Development and Services, the Maryland Library Association, registration fees paid by participants' libraries, vendor contributions, and donations from many organizations and individuals, including past participants. At $850 per participant, registration fees totaled $20,400 for the 2010 Institute - less than half of the total cost.

How much money does the Institute cost?

The Participating Institution's commitment ($1,000 for the 2014 Institute) for a 1 week seminar including food and lodging is only a small part of the actual cost. The total cost for the 2010 Institute was $48,964.96. Of this amount, $18,000 paid the facilitators fees and $1,223.96 paid for materials and supplies. The remaining $29,741.00 paid for housing and meals for the 24 participants, 2 facilitators, 6 mentors and 1 on-site coordinator. Mentors and the on-site coordinator donate their time. Based on 2010 costs, without subsidies from the Maryland Library Association, individual cost per participant would have been $2,040.20.

Are Scholarships available?

Limited scholarships may be available through the Maryland Library Association. Other organizations, such as the Maryland Association of School Librarians (MASL), Maryland Independent College and University Association (MICUA), and Congress of Academic Library Directors (CALD) may also offer scholarships. Check the Scholarships links (to the left) for information about the current non-MLA scholarships of which we are aware.

Why is the Institute held for a full week?

Portions of the Institute involve deep introspection and feedback from peers and mentors. A week away from daily distractions is necessary to develop the trust and openness that must exist in order for participants to gain the greatest benefit possible.

Can the Institute be emotionally challenging for some?

Yes. In the course of the week participants may make personal realizations or experiences peer or mentor feedback which can be difficult. Every effort is made to prepare participants for this and to create a supportive environment where the information can be received constructively.

Would a less involving program be better?

The intensity of the program allows participants to gain the greatest benefit and insight from the experience. A lighter program would not yield the same results.

Why is the Institute held in the summer?

Summer is the most convenient time for most organizations to allow a staff member to participate in the Institute. It is particularly difficult for school and academic libraries to accommodate this during the period from September through June.

What makes MLLI different from management training?

The Institute focuses on self-awareness and self-assessment. Participants develop an understanding of their strengths, acknowledge and understand areas for potential improvement, and deepen their commitment to making positive change in the libraries of the future. This is not nuts and bolts management or supervision training. It is an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.