For Participants

How are the days structured?

Some sessions are presented in a classroom-style environment. In addition to this, the days are filled with individual and group exercises, presentations, one-on-one conversations and feedback sessions. These are carefully planned by the Institute facilitators to give participants the greatest opportunity to learn, understand, and begin to internalize the information and skills.

How do Participants benefit?

Participants return from the Institute energized, empowered, self-aware, and self-evaluating. They develop a broadened perspective on the challenges and issues that face the libraries of the future and a clearer understanding of their role as future library leaders. They benefit from the experience of established leader mentors and share experiences with fellow participants who are at similar stages in their careers.

What is the role of the Mentors?

Mentors observe the performance of individual participants and the interactions between participants. They provide open, honest, and non-judgmental feedback to participants both individually and within the group setting. In doing this, they also model the behaviors of providing constructive feedback to the participants. Mentors meet with the facilitators each day to evaluate participant comments and discuss the performance and development of the individual participants. They also work to identify potential difficulties and plan strategies to address them.

What do you mean by 'transformational experience'?

While the Institute provides practical information, opportunities for networking, and exposure to real-life situations, the exercises in self-discovery and personal awareness are the core of the experience.

What about established leaders?

Anyone can benefit from the Institute. Participants who are open to the process of self-evaluation and those who aspire to greater roles in library leadership have the most to gain.

Who is responsible for a participant's success at the Institute?

Everyone at the Institute works to ensure that each participant has a successful experience. The facilitators, mentors and on-site coordinator evaluate each participant's progress daily and develop strategies when necessary to provide appropriate support. Participants also have a role in supporting and helping each other. It is made clear during the Institute that the ultimate responsibility for a participant's success, both during and after the Institute, is a personal one and rests with the individual.

What follow-up exists with participants after the program has ended?

Beginning with the 2014 Institute, participants will contribute to a twelve month post-residency project that serves the greater library community and provides them the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership abilities.

What options are in place for participants to maintain contact with each other?

Applicants are provided with an attendance roster that lists contact information for all participants as well as the facilitators, mentors and on-site coordinator. Each year, additional options are suggested. These have evolved as communication and social networking have changed, beginning with email lists, and continuing through wikis and on to social networking through Facebook, Twitter and other tools. Groups often meet informally after the Institute to compare experiences and share information.