NMIG Contacts

Amanda Bena, MLA conference liaison (July-December)

Katy Berube, Career services and associated programming

Kelsey Corlett-Rivera, Outreach to vendors/sponsors and partners. Knowledge base creator.

Mark de Jong, Overall responsibility for services and programming

Sarah Green, knowledge base creator

Annette Haldeman, Conference program planner.

Bridgette Hendrix, Communications/message and advertising. Oversee all social media

Dennis Nangle, Knowledge base creator.

Lindsay Sarin, Presumptive chair, 2013-14 - Mentorship services and MLA Conference Liaison (December-May)

Julie Strange, Vice chair - assumes chair's responsibilities when the chair is unavailable

Joe Thompson, Past chair and group advisor and historian. Conference program planner.

Amanda Youngbar, Outreach to library school students

Last updated 08 August 2014