PR Toolkit

Message Development

Key Points (Bonk, pp. 37-38)

Focus and Content (Reed, p. 5)

Press Releases

Sample MLA Designed Press Release

Gale Free Resources - Marketing for Libraries

Anatomy of a Press Release

Public Relations and Press Releases

News/Media Know How

It's Never Too Early - example of website with media ready material

Press Briefings Checklist (Bonk, p. 180)

Choosing the Right Form (Bonk, p. 64)

Press Kits

Purpose/Components (Wolfe, pp. 86-88)

Checklist (Bonk, p. 179)

News Conference

Tips for Holding News Conferences (Wolfe, pp. 85-86)

Calling Live News Conferences (Bonk, pp.91-95)

Tips for Successful Television Appearances (Reed, p. 45-48)


7 Tips for Responsible, Direct Email Marketing

7 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

Checklist for Effective Email


Interview Checklist (Bonk, p. 183)

Gates Foundation Tips for Successful Interviews

Media Management

When A Media Crisis Occurs (Bonk, p. 147)

Responding to Media Inquiries and Developing a Relationship with the Media (Wolfe, pp. 76-79)

Public Service Announcements

PSA Steps (Bonk, pp.142-144)

Basic Checklist (Reed, pp. 48-49)

Free Publicity

How to Use the Internet for Free Publicity

Library Staff Members as Community Volunteers and Staff Application for Community Involvement (Wolfe, pp. 122-125)

MLA Guidelines on Publicizing your Program


Newsletter Decisions (Wolfe, pp. 56-60)

Key Points (Reed, pp. 26-27)

Annual Reports

Basics (Reed, p. 74)

Components and Dissemination (Wolfe, pp. 64-66)

Quick Checklist for Annual Reports

Letters and Op-Ed Columns

Tips to Keep in Mind When Writing (Bonk, pp. 106-107)

Sample Letter to the Editor (Reed, p. 40)

Exhibits and Displays as a PR Tool

Evaluating Display Space and Sample Application Form (Wolfe pp. 163-165)

ALA @yourlibrary PR Materials

Bibliography of Print Resources

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