Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

The Maryland Library Association

  • Advocates for the improvement and support of the Association and libraries,
  • Provides and promotes opportunities for personal and professional growth,
  • Provides and develops leadership in the library community,
  • Promotes equal access to information.

Vision Statement

The Maryland Library Association is the leading advocate for the Maryland library community.

To fulfill its mission, the Maryland Library Association

  • Recognizes and plans for the rapidly changing environment in which diverse libraries and the Association operate,
  • Regularly reviews its goals, objectives and strategies by maintaining a strategic planning cycle of not more than three years with regular interim reviews,
  • Advocates and publicly promotes the successes and value of diverse libraries to legislators, governing bodies, trustees, and the general public,
  • Develops and sustains a strong, vital and diverse membership through effective marketing and by providing outstanding value to its members,
  • Provides quality, relevant and accessible education and development opportunities for its diverse and geographically scattered members,
  • Proactively adopts appropriate current technologies in support of its members and programs,
  • Provides leadership education and experience and networking opportunities for its members,
  • Partners with other organizations in our communities to further mutual goals,
  • Actively pursues innovative sources of funding to provide outstanding value to its members,
  • Proactively addresses vital library issues, including issues of equality of access and freedom of speech.